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Hello Everyone!!

I hope you are all enjoying the nice weather we are having, thus far??!!??

Our weather in Richmond Hill has been quite amazing.  So far this Spring is settling in at around 25 celcius, give or take, every single day with LOTS of sun to enjoy too!  So different from last year when it rained more often than it didn't.

So... This year I have written a few more Children's books, visited with Family and Friends, had an Event or two, and have even sold some of My Pamper Baskets, that I created.

They are so much fun to put together because I make a Unique card to go along with the basket, and there is Over $80 worth of Pamper Presents in each and every basket.  From candles, to a beaded tealight holder, scented bath salts (Paraben and SLS free), Hand-made soaps, to just, many many many other things!!  Ask me about them. They are $45 each. (s/h is extra)

I have taken a day Class on Cracking the Lid on My Own Unique Intuition taught by Arlene Moshe and it was truly mind-blowing.  I had no expectation that in a day that I would improve so much that I would be, actually giving real messages and not just a few word statement that I heard, from My Guides!  

All of the messages I have been getting after Arlene's Class for myself or from Others have all been that I will be Living My Dreams Very Very Soon!!  I can't wait to get started!!  :0 )

Had a Moving Sale over the weekend to Really Start the moving process!!  

Had a Surprise Party for Our Mother's 80th Happy Birthday.  We are moving in July and Our Birthdays are in October but neither of us will be here.  So, it was a Surprise Happy Birthday Party, Her first one Ever, in June!!  :)

Went to a Baby Shower for a friend the next day. 

Busy Busy...

And July is even Busier...But in a good way!!  

Thanks for the visit!!  Sharelynne  :)

Sharelynne welcomes you to her personal website where you can enjoy seeing what adventures she is embarking on...whether it is writing another book, getting it published, doing talks or traveling somewhere, very cool, or any of her other adventures.  She hopes you will enjoy your visit!!  Come back often positive things seem to happen very fast in her life!!  :)

JUNE 2018


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