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Jan-Feb 2018

Public Speaker

 Creativity Abounds

Sharelynne welcomes you to her personal website where you can enjoy seeing what adventures she is embarking on...whether it is writing another book, getting it published, doing talks or traveling somewhere, very cool, or any of her other adventures.  She hopes you will enjoy your visit!!  Come back often positive things seem to happen very fast in her life!!  :)

​Oh My Gosh!!  Can you believe that it's the middle of January Already!!  And in the Year 2018!!  :0

​Time Flies When You Are Having Fun!!  :)

So for 2018...

​I have several things on my Wish List now....

​1. I will receive an exceptionally POSITIVE response from the two Traditional Publishers that I submitted my "A Bully is a Bully, Until You Take Back Control." Children's manuscript to!!

​2. I will be able to share "Maxine's Goldfish Extravaganza" with even more children than last year, where I read Maxine's to ages 3-7 year olds and then they get to draw, on card-stock, their favourite part of the book, and that is usually their own goldfish.

​​3. More avenues will become open to me to further share "Maxine's Goldfish Extravaganza.

​Remember it is pronounced (X-Straw-Va-Gawn-za) NOT ((X-Straw-Va-Gan-za).  It is a long sound--Gawn vs Gan--Mainly because Extravaganza, again pronounced (X-Straw-Va-Gawn-za) is WAY More Fun to Say!!  :)

​Thanks for the visit!!  And Please let me know if you have a special Event or Place where you would like me to come and make that Special Event or Place that much more Special.  The Children love listening about Maxine's and what makes her Goldfish Extravaganza really magical, and then being able to draw their favourite part of the book, with the card-stock and crayons that I provide each child. 

​It makes your Event even more Wonderful because I personally autograph each copy of Maxine's, date stamp the backs of every drawing, and they also receive an autographed copy of the Main Fish, the one on the Cover!!  Amazing!! Amazing!! 

​Love Sharelynne :)

​PS:  You can contact me by sending me a note on the Contact Me form. 


By emailing me at sharelynne@gmail.com

They end up at the same place....  To Me!!  :)